COVID updates as of March 17, 2020

Office Closure

University Veteran Services staff are working remotely and will be best available via email at Current students can use Starfish to set up phone and Microsoft Teams video chat appointments with us. All of our advertised events are cancelled.

Education Benefits

  • Students with classes that began prior to spring break, and anyone using the Wisconsin GI Bill or Wisconsin National Guard Grant, will have no impact to their education benefits unless they drop a course or withdraw from the term.
  • See update above. Students with classes beginning on or after March 16th, and are using a federal GI Bill, may be impacted. We are waiting for further guidance from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs before we make any adjustments to students’ education benefits.
  • All recalled study abroad students who were using education benefits have been contacted by our office. These students should let us know as soon as reasonably possible if they will be able to finish the term remotely. If they’re not able to finish the term, their education benefits may be impacted.

Activated Students

Students who are activated for full-time military service in response to COVID-19 (or otherwise) should contact our office and their professors right away. Having a set of orders in hand is not required before reaching out. Information for students called to active duty, including a checklist, can be found on our Active Duty Orders page.