COVID updates as of March 30, 2020

Enrollment Appointments & Deadlines

  • Drop/withdraw deadlines for the spring term have been extended to April 17th. We updated our Education Benefit FAQs and included a section on drops/withdrawals you may find helpful in this situation.
  • Summer/fall enrollment appointments have been assigned to current students. We ask you to review our Certification Process webpage as you choose classes (it’s recently been updated!). Undergraduates who are juniors or seniors must be declared in a major in order to use federal benefits. Please remember to select your benefits early!

Education Benefits

  • Update to information from March 17th: Students with classes beginning on or after March 16th, and who are using a federal GI Bill, will not be impacted by the shift to online classes this term. Your classes will remain certified as “residence” if already certified as such, and your housing stipend will remain the same.
  • Future terms: Our current understanding of new legislation is that you will receive the residence housing stipend for any classes originally intended to be taught in-person. Classes originally scheduled to be online will still be certified as online (or “distance” in VA terms) credits. As the VA provides guidance on certifying future terms in the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated of any potential impacts.
  • WI National Guard Grant: Please remember you can fill out your Guard Grant application electronically. If you already filled out a hard-copy version of this form, we’ll ensure it’s still submitted in a timely manner.

Pass/Fail Option

UW-Madison is offering a special disruptive grading option for students this semester. As you consider this option in the coming weeks, please keep in mind how SD/UD grades relate to your benefits.

  • State benefits: Both Wisconsin benefits have GPA requirements, and SD/UD grades are not factored into your GPA.
  • Federal benefits: If you receive a grade of “Unsatisfactory”, the VA will not pay for the course. If you receive an “F” in a course that’s factored into your GPA, the VA will still pay for the course AND allow you to repeat it.