New VA GI Bill System February 2023

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently emailed all Post-9/11 GI Bill® students about an update to their IT systems occurring in late February/early March 2023 with the release of Enrollment Manager. As a result, students will have their monthly enrollment automatically verified for February 2023.

Students who opted into text or email verification will still receive a notification on the last day of February, as expected, but the message will inform them that their enrollment has been verified for them for February.

The enrollment verification process will return to normal at the end of March with students again required to verify their enrollment.

University Veteran Services (UVS) does not anticipate significant impacts to students during this transition. However, there may be a delay in reporting any enrollment changes (adds/drops) to the VA over the next couple of weeks.

UVS will continue to share updates as needed. Please reach out to or 608-265-4628 with any questions.