University of Wisconsin–Madison

Select your benefits each semester

Students who have already qualified for veterans benefits need to specify which benefits they want to apply. If you have qualified for more than one benefit, we can give you advice on the best strategy for which benefits to use before others.

After you have enrolled in your courses for a semester (or “term”), please use Student Center to confirm which benefits you want to use for that semester. If you can’t remember which benefits you’ve used before, you can view previous terms.

  1. Log-in to Student Center via
  2. In the “Finances” section, select “Veteran Term Benefits.”
    screenshot of Student Center showing location of the "Veteran Term Benefits" link
  3. Select the term.
    screenshot of Student Center showing the student's terms for the "Veteran Term Benefits" link
  4. Select the federal and/or Wisconsin benefits that you want to use for this term, and select the “Confirm selected benefits” button.
  5. Verify that those benefits are displayed.