How to confirm your benefits each semester

Steps to confirm the benefits you’d like to use each semester. 

How to confirm

Use MyUW Student Center to confirm which benefits you want to use each semester. If you can’t remember which benefits you’ve used before, you can view previous semesters.

Only select the benefits you are using this semester, not everything you are eligible for.

The sooner you complete this step, the sooner you can be certified.

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1.  Log-in to Student Center from MyUW.

2.  Select "Veteran Benefits."

The Veteran Benefits icon in MyUW

3. Upload documents

After selecting “Veterans Benefits” and you have the option to upload any/all available documents related to the application process.

These documents might include:

4.  Select the term.

In MyUW, the summary for all terms, where you select what term you are applying benifits to.

5.  Select and confirm your benefits.

Select the federal and/or Wisconsin benefits you want to use for this term.

Use the Student Center benefits code explanations

Then, select “Confirm selected benefits.”

Select the benefits you wish to use in the

6. Verify selected benefits are displayed.

Confirm what benefits you've selected in MyUW

Student Center benefit codes explanations

Federal Benefit Codes

Active Duty 3rd Party You are a servicemember on orders to complete a degree (this is rare).
Federal GI Bill Exhausted You have run out of federal benefits.
Federal GI Bill Not Using You don’t want to be certified this term.
GI Bill Chapter 1606 Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve
GI Bill Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty
GI Bill Chapter 31 Veterans Readiness and Employment (VR&E)
GI Bill Chapter 35 Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA)
GI Bill Chpt 33 Post 9/11 100% You are using Post 9/11 GI Bill® to cover your full tuition.
GI Bill Chpt 33 Post 9/11 Part You are using 40%-90% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill ® OR you will exhaust the benefit before the end of the term.

You will need to select an eligibility percentage, between 50%-90%. The system will not allow you to save your selection without a percentage. If you are selecting “partial” because you believe you are exhausting your benefits this semester, please select 50% and email us.

GI Bill Tuition Assistance You are a service member using Federal Tuition Assistance.

State Benefit Codes

GI Bill National Guard You are in the Wisconsin National Guard and using the tuition reimbursement grant.
GI Bill Vet Ed Reimbursement for those who have exhausted Post 9/11 and Wisconsin GI Bill (this is rare).
State GI Bill Exhausted You have run out of state benefits.
Wisconsin GI Bill 100% The Wisconsin GI Bill is covering your full tuition.
Wisconsin GI Bill Not Using You don’t want to use your Wisconsin GI Bill this term.
Wisconsin GI Bill Partial You are using the Wisconsin GI Bill in combination with partial Post 9/11 OR you are about to exhaust the benefit, and it won’t cover your full tuition.


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